Choosing to stay in one of our apartments results in living right into the heart of Athens.

Very close to all archeological sites and unique places of historical interest and Athens is full of them after all. From Hilton area the exact location of the apartments, you can visit Acropolis which is situated in approximately 2.8 km by metro or on foot, for those who wish to walk through the diachronic tolerant spirit of our City and the administrative and commercial center of Athens, starting from Sintagma (The Greek Constitution) Square and Ermou Street. A walk like this will be an actual time travel as you will have the opportunity to explore even more historical and archaeological sites, such as the Byzantine Church of Kapnikareas, a building of the 11th century, Monastiraki Square, Dionysios Areopagitou Street. Then, you will be free to dine into the magic of the narrow streets of Plaka, below the shadow of Acropolis. You will get to know all the archaeological sites, such as the Aerides in Monastiraki, the Temple of Hephaestus in Thissio, the Roman Agora, the Herod Atticus Theater, the Arch of Hadrian -most commonly known in Greek as Hadrian's Gate- and many more. By Metro you can visit the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, where a wide number of famous exhibits of the Classical period of Ancient Greece are hosted.

Apart from the National Archaeological Museum many other Museums are abundant in Athens and wait to be discovered and admired. A must-to-visit is of course the Acropolis Museum, in the pedestrian area of Dionysios Areopagitou, where all the findings from Acropolis are displayed in a unique museum arrangement.

In addition to the above, it is also worth mentioning and visiting the National Gallery, a place of great importance and interest located 300 meters away from our apartments, the Byzantine Museum (reachable on foot within 5 minutes), the Benaki Museum (reachable on foot within 10 minutes), the Museum of Cycladic Art (reachable on foot within 10 minutes), the building of the Old Parliament which is the seat of the first Greek Parliament in the 19th century and the Athens Numismatic Museum which is housed in the historic mansion of the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann (famous for his excavations in Troy and Mycenae), formally known as Iliou Melathron which means "Palace of Ilion" in Greek. Both are accessible in 10 minutes by metro. Last but not least, is the Eugenides Foundation with the Planetarium, accessible by taxi or by bus.

It is advisable not to miss the new cultural area of Athens, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, which houses within its newly built premises the National Library and the National Opera. The location is near the sea, in the area of Kallithea, where you can combine a cultural visit with fun right next to the artificial lake and the vast green spaces that exist there.

How could someone exclude a visit to the Concert Hall, a real gem of the Athenian culture where many concerts of classical music and various exhibitions are held, situated only 200 meters away from the apartments.

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Athens, besides being the cradle of civilization, is also the capital of recreation.

Every moment of the day is ideal for someone to enjoy a cup of coffee or drinks at the numerous cafes and bars in the wider area, as well as in the nearby cosmopolitan district of Kolonaki. Visitors can enjoy the finest meal or dinner in the restaurants or, more traditionally, in the taverns of Plaka and Monastiraki where you can enjoy the Greek “pita giros” and many other traditional dishes, with the omnipresent view of Acropolis. A visit to Lycabettus is a sure way to enjoy the view of Attica while enjoying your coffee or refreshments of all kinds and it should definitely be part of your plans!

The day, however, never stops. You can get a taste of the nightlife of Athens by choosing to have a drink in various places, all accessible by foot. Do not miss concerts of famous Greek and foreign artists until late at night and feel free to participate in Greek theme nights organized in various places in the city, with Greek music and lots of fun.

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